she, the one i truely miss

she, is the one who did this

she, gave me this mess

she, never did what said

and here i am wasting away

trying to make it out someday

still i've fallen down

and i feel so alone

she told me she loved me

then started to care

she said she couldn't

get more near

and i wonder what i've done

i wonder when i'll have fun

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C. Hill's picture

written in a simply style
but hits the mark...

Nice, yeah

Corey Fox's picture

cute poem - i like! Please check out my stuff, also i have 3 books available through under the name Corey Evan Fox

one love Corey & co

Rochelle Bauer's picture

Nice poem, check out mine and tell me what you think.

Leah Broomfield's picture

I can really relate to the words that flow thru this wonderful piece you wrote. Words that are true to the heart can touch deeply. Thank you for sharing your words with me. Hope you check mine out as well. Have a wonderful day.