life for me

she lights up her cigerratte, thinking everythings the same

the rain is collecting puddles again, its just not the way

and life feels like its slowly dieing filled up with pain

i'm left falling down with nothing to say......but


she...she...she was a nice girl

she...she...she did this to herself

she...she...she left it up to me

she..she..she has left a plane


they told me life gets better as each day passes

what they don't know is its another day to hate

here i go again hating the world through fake glasses

i'll die without a lover a friend or a mate


but you've transcibed me all wrong as i jump for air

gasping for a breath taking it down farther from you

you you you!!! you did this to me can't you see

i'm dieing yet i'm you you did this to me

can't you see the stab wounds are too deeeep!!!!


she...stabed me with her blade

she...left me deadly insane....

she has a white balloon

and i'm the princess


forget..where you came from forget the lies you've been told forget you have hope forget that your lifes been sold

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