someone like you

i'm always wrong

your never right

correct me if i'm wrong

win without a fight

i am one of them

forgt the hate

sace yourself if you still can

never lose hope

if you do, buy some quick

i am someone

people hate me

always be in light

stay away from the dark

future is so bright

in my cut open heart

hey hey hey ay ay ayyyyyyy!

i am someone too

someone like you

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Leah Broomfield's picture

You know,everyone of us is special in their own way. You never judge a book by the cover. That dosen't give you the over all concept of what it is about. A person, is a special package that has a soul deep within. Cannot be seen with the naked eye. It flows from within. I have a poem you should check out called SOMEONE. I am goin to read more of your work. I love your style. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom. Have a wonderful and fulfilling day.