i fucked up again

i'm sorry i bring you down

but i feel great when ur around

i'm sorry if i cause you problems

but here u can have my thumbs

i did everything wrong

thats okay cause its my song

i did it again

see my mothers hand

everything that made u miserable

its cuz of me all the problems u see

i cause them all but it'll all get better

when i'm not around so will u watch me drown

i thought of a plan

to kill the clan

i did it again

look at mothers hand

whhhhhhy i dunno how to try

i only know to die

cause i cry tears of blood

its raining a flood

cause of me its all from me

will u care if i'm not there?

i'm sorry but its all the better

u mite have a better life a better chance

a better time to win thro me in the bin

please will u get over me

i'm not everything u think to be

i'm only what you see

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Leah Broomfield's picture

You really made me cry..... But that is ok. Tears are good sometimes. But tears has been a everyday thing for me. I just lost my brother, and cause of that. I was left a gift of words. You can see that in my work. But you have beautiful work. Something to be proud of. It is a awesome gift of knowlege. I know. Because, I never could write til my brother passed. A broken heart for a gift. It just don't seem fair, does it? Keep your words flowing. Thank you for sharing.