thinking clearly

i crawl into her trap just like another sap i keep thinking that maybe there will be a someday but i keep fading i'm melting inside so when the lights go out i  look about for the missing clues all she says are the same  all she says will never change i still leave  hope that she will yet i still wait here all ill and empty but in the end dont let time pass you by you can retrace your steps later so live in the moment and not the past which way will the path goes which way should i go which way do you know i keep thinking of ll the things i've said and all the words you fed all the misery is going to bed and the sun is coming out and i dont know what its all about i say i care yet i dont fair so well i try to love but then i'm in a hell  i try to say the things i feal but those will never be real i open my eyes to the world and let my future come unvurled well all want love and affection we all need to be cared for we all need love and affection we all need more

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Kris Grula's picture

this was devastatingly beautiful, even with the under current of all the sadness, spectacular write