the air is speaking for me its what you cant see thus you fear all you hear, the unknown so i go out into the world and see what i miss i missed nothing but i'm bent i dont know what you meant so i crawled away and i do and i do and i do look at you everyday and say to myself why did she go away go away go away in my mind i keep a maybe she'll come back the time is moving i'm losing track of how long i said i want you back and i'm treading water and drowning from your vibes of dislike and then deep down inside it comes alive and i said theres nothing like a nice warm bed and jealousy remains yeah but when the moon dont shine i'll do just fine with out you yeah without you because i grew away from you but i still dont know why that you said all those things you didnt mean and now your unseen so i come clean i didnt do what i said what i said i wish it all back again so then i can go to bed realizing nothing is said

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its cool that you wri=te it like a story. and i love it!! my fave line: "i'm treading water and drowning from your vibes of dislike" thats cool to think abt lol

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Different from what I normally read, but I like it a lot. Seriously, it's very good. I can relate to this and understand it which makes it all the better. Great write.