Hiding Inside

What I'm hiding inside-

Hiding from those I truly care about;

Are secrets hidden from within.

Secrets that I not only choose,

But decide to not tell-

For fear that if I tell them

I will be shunned for who I am.

These secrets are well-hidden,

They don't show.

They hide until I've

Decided to show them

To those who've sworn not to tell.

They hide what's inside me.

Underneath is this secret

That no one knows but my friends;

They are shut out from the world.

The secrets are covered

By lies and fake smiles

That show nothing-

Fear doesn't appear, only lies.

I keep my depest secrets

Covered with fake smiles.

I don't let others know

What I'm keeping from them

What's inside me.

When my thoughts come

To release the secrets

I hide inside,

They still hide more

Of the reason behind

Why I am hiding

These deep dark secrets.

Since no one knows

Or even possibly cares

That these secrets exist,

They continue on their way,

Assuming I'm living

A happy

And carefree life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem today..A year after I had quit writing poetry to the world...I'm back with more writings. I believe this might be the better of the readings I've given in the past.

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lonelymemories's picture

This is a good poem..I really like it...Good job...I can really relate...