Why This?!(Part 2)

So I lost my days of snack-

So be it-

I write to get everything out-

But I'm sick of everything-


Sicke because of a friend.

Devon shouldn't have caused this-

Caused us to not have snack-

Now it's become evvery other day-

Because of him-


He's still a friend

Even thought he did this.


He's smart-

I know it;

He's not chosing the right thing-

But I know he can do better.

Devon-cool kid, kind heart-

Without our other friend Renee-

He just can't say good stuff-

I can relate.

Why this?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Okey wrote this today because of a friend(Devon), and well...I really do forgive him..He just needed more help than what my school can offer him..Hopefully he won't be taken to juvy fer awhile...I'm gonna miss the guy...I hope maybe the teachers could help him a little more, instead of taking points, then letting it go...He's such a sweetie...I think he can do better-I actually kno he can..I've seen him at his best-and his hardest...And today was just one of them times. Poor dude...Devon, if ur out there, I hope u'll be okey...

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