Crying To You

How much I've wanted

Just to tell you-

How much I feel about you;

How much I care about you.

I've been crying every night-

Crying to you because I love you.

I miss you and everything good

We had between us.

Although we were really good best friends,

I wish that we could've been more-

That is why I cry to you.

It's difficult for me to not feel

The way I've been feeling of late-

I long for you to be something

That pro'lly was never meant to be.

You were more than just a "crush"-

You were there for me

In the worst of times-

Always making sure I'd be okey

After hearing me out with my issues.

You stood by my side when

Others would ignore or mock me

For who the hell I am.

You helped me smile during

Of worst of bad times-

Especially after a bad night

At home with mum the previous

Night before.

When I think about the "us"

We could've been-

I think about how many times

I was so close to telling you

About my feelings for you.

We share a lot in common-

Video games, music, even Anime-

We share a lot.

You're all I ever think about-

I can't help but to think

WThat we won't be anything more.

You know of my biggest secrets-

From the ninja thing

To which Anime guy I"m crushing on.

But I never mind-

That's because it's you-

You who I see looking at me.

Gomen nasai that I've never

Told you that I have feelings for you.

I remember my birthday-

Don't you?

We went for pizza and a movie.

'Member which one?

We saw "Over The Hedge"-

And in the middle-

You made me smile-smirk

Because you same something funny.

I remember it was

Just the two of us in that row-

Me beside you-

And the whole time I was blushing

And my heart was leaping-

Because I knew that

We were inseparable.

Were you feeling this, too?

Well I sensed some sort

Of fluttering going on within you.

I remember the day of the carnival-

Don't you?

I remember it quite well.

We rode a lot of rides together-

Do you remember?

We had so much fun that day-

Just because I was spending it with you.

I was blushing the whole day-

And my heart was going bonkers-

Just 'cause we were together.

Then every summer morning,

You walked me inside for my class.

Until the day my classes were over,

I swore we were the only ones

Living on this earth.

Do you remember?

And every night now-

For tradition's sake-

I cry to you.

...I love you...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this poem last night 'cause I still have ongoing feelings for this dude in real life, and I didn't ever tell him that I liked him or nothing and now I regret this a lot. But still a good read for everyone. ^_^

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