The razor you've slowly sliced across my heart

has come to a halt.

My open wounds will bleed for some time

but your razor stays idle,

ready to slice again at anytime...

...that's how it WAS...


the razor has vanished.

I continue to bleed anger at myself,

I bleed hatred towards my broken soul-

But the shine of your razor

no longer holds me back

no longer blinds me into oblivion.

My wounds are wide open,

all from a chance I took way back when

my heart was already bruised...

a time when you took my heart,

cradled it,

then bruised it some more,

mended it and healed me again

then brought out that razor...

Time and patience

were obstacles to rid

your dark soul and purpose,

and finally my time has come-

I've broken free,

liberated from your chains of verbal abuse



and disrespect.

The grass IS greener on the other side,

I'll just be careful not to

slice the bottoms of my feet

from the razor thin grass blades

while grazing the vast fields in pure ecstacy and relief.

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