Tears of Blood

My boiling blood keeps heating up

in this head of mine.. just don't give a fuck

Feel so free outside this place

but trapped inside I'm helplessly stuck

My mind goes from anger to calmness

and leaves no sign of disaster, no trace

of this mental craziness, pull me,

push me, shove me, test me why don't you-

See if I keep my cool,

you'd be a fool

to think I would resist

making an appointment with your face and my FIST.

But logic takes over in seconds

The blood simmers within, after the train wrecks and

debree is splattered inside and out

What's this all about?

No reason behind an answer that I'm constantly striving to find.

The question? not clear to me - it has no direction,

just feels like pure infection

of disfigured inner complexion.

Cure me with your beautiful lies

and bloody tears I'll wipe off your eyes.

No more painful cries...

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