Werewolves Balled

It was a warm, hot, sticky, summers night.
The warm wind was blowing through the thick trees.
I could see the full moon was shining bright,
The only person I could see was me.


I was listening for the unearthly sound,
It is the only one I dread to hear.
The snarl, growl, of the wolf on the prowl,
I could hear it coming near and nearer.


Black storm clouds gathered in the summer sky.
The thunder boomed and rain fell all around.
Only the wolf could hear my panicked cries,
Could hear the running footfalls on the ground.


I jumped and crashed through the trees and the brush,
I stumbled and tripped through the muddy earth.
Branches cutting my cheeks with their harsh touch,
The rabid wolf laughing in his crazed mirth.


I could see a light from a house nearby,
I pushed and ran towards my only hope.
Slid in the mud, tears coming to my eyes,
I tried climbing the slick slippery slope.


I could hear it; feel its breath on my neck,
I could no longer hold in my screaming.
When a rifle went off with a loud crack,
So relieved that I thought I was dreaming.


The pained werewolf's howl made my hair on end,
As it dashed off into the rainy night.
I accepted a hand up from the friend,
Who had shot the werewolf and saved my life.


Walking the darkness, not sure where I was,
I could hear a crying, like a lost dog.
Trying to find it, a good person does,
I found a dark shape that looked like a log.


"Are you hurt?" I asked the quivering mutt.
"I've been shot," said the werewolf "as you know.'
"Go away, you're a pain in the butt."
But I pressed my hands into the blood flow.


"Who are you?" I asked. "Do you come from far?"
"You would know me if you looked in my face."
I turned him over and peered in the dark.
I saw him and my heart began to race.


"My betrothed," I said, my voice filled with awe.
"So this is why you left me alone."
"I never wanted to leave you," he said.
"I never stopped loving you since I left."


I healed his wounds and I took his hand,
And in the forest we lived 'til the end.
And every night we'd howl to the sky
We'll always howl together you and I.

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