Sun And Moon

Dark Poetry

Sun and moon shed light
To the darkest of times
That others see so bright
And others hearing a death bell's chime

Sorrow in some broken soul
Death at their dark door
No choice but to climb into that hole
Needing no life or more

A moment the same
Smiles that shines true
Loving life's game
As happy as the sky is blue

Internal pain not stopped yet
Tears of blood cried cuts
Gleaming knife now at neck
Stuck in death's addicting rut

Laughter in the air
Hearts fully filled
Sunshine everywhere
No tears or blood have spilled

Slit,bruised,and hanging up there
Now it is too late
For anyone to care
And erase this fate

And so the brightest can be the end
In some darkest nights
If there is no one to mend
and give just one little glance of light


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