My Whole Heart

Cold and alone,
That was the story of my life.
Always trying to find comfort in another,
Always trying to feel connected.
Trying to find the warmth,
in cold and lonely nights.
Yet, there was none.
Cold and alone,
that was the story of my life.
When suddenly you,
You happened.
Everything changed.
I lived a life with a heart that never beat.
You came into my vortex,
you saw not just me but through me
and you didn't run away.
Like a deer in the headlights,
in shock naked and raw i stood before your eyes.
Forever motionless attracted to your pure electricity.
I reached out my hand and you took it.
The second we touched I found,
My heart...
It began to beat.
Cold and alone.
That was the story of my life.
Then suddenly you,
You happened and with your sweet lips,
You breathed the life i never had into me.
You my dear are my everything, my reason for being, you are my whole heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my beautiful new boo babe you make everything before you seem like nothing. You are my always and forever. To you i give my all and i give it without regret. You showed me what life could be and its been more than i ever could have imagined. I am so grateful i found you and so honored that you have chosen to keep me as i keep you in my heart. <3

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