Love Spirals

Its all a blur,
Of fuzzy colors and warm feelings.
Things that used to make me run for the hills screaming run away!
Things that made my stomach curdle like an Irish car bomb left out too long.
Seeing two people so in love being sappy as all hell god it was sickening.
Yet deep down a part of me longed to have what they did.
Then like an unexpected storm you appeared,
I of course did all I could to resist your magnetic pull on my heart.
I tried to run but you wouldn't let me.
I waited for that sick feeling i used to get in my gut but it didn't come.
I tried to jeopardize it all due to feelings that had left to me spoil and rot long ago.
You somehow dug your way through it all and found me, the real me...
Whose dark, twisted, gnarled, broken, and sick in the head,
a mistake from birth.
You somehow came to love me,
All of me though I put you and myself through hell and back...
I'll never understand why you were the one to steal me away completely,
Why your what makes me calmer,
why when I'm near you the world in my mind seems to steady its ways.
Why with you i feel i could conquer anything ,
With you by my side I'll always come out on top.
I'll never understand why I feel the things i do with but never could with anyone else even when i tried to.
The only thing I can think of is I truly love you and love isn't rational....
That's the only reason I can see for you staying with me as well.
There's an old saying that love is blind but i don't believe that's the truth with our love,
You see right through me down to my deepest core and though it scares me to death there's nowhere in this entire world I'd rather be.
From what i have seen the same is true for you.
I know this hasn't been easy to say the very least...
But love spirals...
And i guess what I'm trying to say is there's no one else I'd rather spin with,
for better or for worse I'll love you until the end of time...
I'll always be yours in mind, body, and soul
And i hope you'll always be mine.
Cause if not I'll forever be left with a burning hole of the love that pierced me so deeply it could never be forgotten.
I knew the first day I saw you that I was going to be goner and though i was petrified at first I couldn't be happier that I truly am letting go with you, and for once letting someone all the way in.
Day by day it gets easier.
I thank you for your patience and understanding it means more then i'll ever truly know how to express.
I know you wanted me to write you a love letter but i couldn't do it.
For that I am sorry instead I wrote something much deeper then any old love letter could ever be...
I wrote you from more then my beating heart, more then my mind, i wrote you from my soul.
My love for you will forever true and just like the weather we will have our bright sunny days,
And our cloudy days where it'll pour...
But love spirals my beautiful Melanie so take my hand and spin with me into eternity.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for the one i love more then i knew possible you are my wishing star that continues to make all my dreams come true , I love you and i hope you like this cause i spoke nothing but the truth from the deepest place within me. P.s. i hope you wont be mad i didn't hand-write this but i hate my handwriting lol I'm sure though soon enough I will hand-write you something as you asked, just gonna work to perfect my hand-writing first so it can look as beautiful as what i feel for is to me.

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clutchforbalance's picture

Lovely words

I enjoyed reading this, I can relate because despite my efforts, I could never find that one person. He found me, and still I fought with everything in me, he wouldn't leave, that's when I realized I was already lost, somewhere in my struggles, I'd allowed him close to me. it's hard to understand why it happens, why love is so strong that it can defeat the demons inside, I know I'm still trying to make sense of it. When he's near, I'm not me, I'm not the person I always was, instead I'm his. Love this powerful has a way of taming us, amazing us, and being a miracle we will never understand. To find love like you've written of, like you feel is a gift, cherish it always.

It seems that the only people who can see pain in others' eyes, are people who have seen it in their own...

vampress6669's picture

thank you

I'm glad you could appreciate this as well as relate and i completely agree with all of your comment. I feel the exact same way when shes near i feel like someone else someone better then who i always was but unfamiliar to me. It can be scary at times but i know its worth the risk. I will heed your advice and do my very best to never loose this love but only cherish it. i hope you enjoy my other four pieces on here as well. ;-D

Knifer's picture

Love is strange but it is one

Love is strange but it is one helluva feeling ain't it, good job on this piece.. Hope you take the time to read my material..

vampress6669's picture

thank you

i appreciate your comment and most certainly will take the time to check out your work i hope you like my newest piece i posted today.