The Life Of The Blood Rose

They say every rose has its thorns,

but i can gaurntee none are like those of blood rose.

Like tiny lil' razors they dig in you and place the kiss of death.....

You try and you try but your never good enough,

a thorn that'll stick in your heart for life.

You lose to love and all its games,

leaving you in strife.

So many Faces,

So many names,

Yet still their all just the same.

Hurts so bad it breaks your soul.

All the bleeding inside begins to show,

Leaving a stench so foul....

The blood rose sucks the life right out of you with each thorn,

Until your mind crashes down with it all....

Then and only then will the blood rose take over...

Leaving you to drown in your own puddles of crimson red.

You let go and fall into an obyess....

Unaware there's no turning back.

There are those you left behind who will cry.

This is the price you must pay,

when you choose not to see,

the love that was right under your nose.

When you chose to only see the hate,

You sealed your own fate....

To be the life of the blood rose forevermore.....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I honestly couldn't tell you it just came to me one restless night but it explains alot about life and the struggles it will send your way...and the choice we all have to make to let it make or break us....So after reading this can you tell me what's your choice?

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Part of me wants to crack up

Part of me wants to crack up laughing. I've met a blood rose, he's the father of my kid and the one weakness I fear I will never let go. Every time we try to be friends, he pricks me, allowing me to slowly bleed, and I don't even realize it until much later. When it comes down to the moment of truth, his choice is never me, our friendship or our connection, I'm simply never good enough. Every time I try to walk away, I try not to think of him and our latest fight, try so hard to be strong, say I don't need him. But I guess when it comes down to it, I'm the sick one because no matter how many times he hurts me and leaves me to die, I do need him. There was a time I wondered if there was no kid, would we be able to walk away, but I know that walking away stopped being an option the moment I saw him. Still, that doesn't mean I have to take the abuse, but I digress. I like this one, very much. I might suggest he read it, not that he will. You're very talented, kudos to you.

I see parralells to life and suicide as well but for some reason he came to mind first.

It seems that the only people who can see pain in others' eyes, are people who have seen it in their own...