a lasting imprint

lost love

A lasting imprint

 Is all that's left?

I won’t ever forget,

I’m glad you were mine

Even if it was for a short time,

If I hurt you in any way

 I am very sorry that's all I can say,

Your lasting imprint

Makes me smile

It takes me for over a mile,

The lasting imprint of you

 Is very beautiful,

Like dark velvet soft and pretty,

All you want to do is touch.

You gave me that chance

 And if I took it for granted

I’m sorry.

Not just because I lost you

But because you meant

More than the breath

 Of life from up above,

Your lasting imprint

Is what's left of you?

Your art and toys they brought

So much

Joy just like a toddler with a soul

Of a wonderful man,

I’ll never stop loving you I promised you

That from day one I

Won’t go back

 Ill keeps my word

Til the end of time

Sweet vampire who was mine




Author's Notes/Comments: 

 for my doug

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