flame flicker

Life goes on

My flame once flickered for you very bright,

Now it's fading ever so light I can’t believe we didn't

Hold on tight.

My flame flickers away with each passing day, I didn't want it this way

But you left me a stray.

I couldn't do this anymore back and forth never making up,

Your mind,

My flame flickering like the last of a candle

About to go out never lit again.

My flame burns away, we are better off this way,

We went on for five years with smiles and tears,

Hugs and kisses,

My flame will hold a spot deep within,

Keeping you forever in

The love I had for you was so strong sorry we

Went so ever wrong,

My flame is now to the end sorry for all

You where a great ten,

There it goes my flame went out no more

Flickering about,

You had the last flicker,

Never will I flicker again,  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

to the man i gave my heart to

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