love and hate

You are a bum,

Completely numb and always very dumb,

Does this do that?

You always ran like a rat,

Back to mommy,

Daddy as well,

Get me this

 Get me that he treats me like crap.

Venom lies

You spread with your mouth

Never cared

 Only about yourself,

So I ran to the other room

 To get my fix how much can I consume,

Will it kill me?

 I hope so that's not enough,

 I need some more,

Then here you come

Again so nieve

Just to chew me up and watch me bleed

Then spit me out

 Never giving a doubt,

Mommy daddy

He treats me mean

 Buy me something clean,

Shiny and new

 I’ll be you’re slave a

Little robot, I will play

Once again

I run to find my next fix

 Hoping this time

It will take

 What little life that's left,

You've taken

 It all I'm out of breath,

There nothing in me but

 All your death,

Filling me with all your lies

Games and trickery,

I should have known,

From you’re last

 And you’re

Very disturbing past,

You’re a bum so very crude,

You’re the one that's going to be screwed.

Ha Ha Ha

I laugh with joy

I'm no longer you little toy.

little by litte thing's

 Disappear replacing,

 Them with something clear,

I feel alive my heart is free

And filled with pride,

My family strong

 We have our fix

Not you’re little bag of tricks

Nothing to worry about,

What to do next nothing the bum is gone

And I am fixed. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

to the one that used me the whole time

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K-S's picture

u see..the thing is with

u see..the thing is with problems, we are always trying to top eachother and then we just end up topping ourselves which in a way is lying just to get whatever u get out of it (in a way)...so yeah, i 4got what i was saying...iv got a lot of problems and im only 14, so hey life sucks

We all have a sob story, but mines worse lol
dont argue