quickly then i thought

Life goes on



 Then I thought it seems.

 My life is moving quickly,

Meet a man

 Then he's gone now,

 I'm moving on.

Meet someone new

Hoping we match

Like paper to glue,


Then before I move on,

Just because I grew very strong.

In and out,

 You couldn't make your mind,

Wasting my time.

Gave my love to you

And you knew

 This was the last time.

Didn’t hold like glue

So here I go out a new,

Into the world

With someone who

might be nice maybe mean but,

At least he won’t leave

I have the upper hand

 This time and I'll make

His love mine

Just wait and see

What is to become of me?

 Soon in time I’ll be fine


Author's Notes/Comments: 

moving on with my life

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jimtwocrows's picture

I wonder- what are the values

I wonder- what are the values we use to measure real strength?

sanctus's picture

"then" has only 1 "e". The

"then" has only 1 "e". The poem is Ok