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Hey guys :)My name's Valerie, I'm 15 years old and Im a Freshman at a Private school called Harvest Christian Academy. I strongly believe in and love God and my family!!! I've been wanting to publish some of my poetry lately, but im not sure if it's good enough. Some of my friends have read it, and they all say it's pretty good :) Most of my writings actually revolve around things like love, heartbreaks, deppression, anger, and honestly, somewhat suicidal. Before you start thinking wrong, I AM NOT SUICIDAL! Lol. For some odd reason, those topics just seem to scream my name louder than all the others. Some of my poems are written based on the way I feel and what's in my heart, but others i've written because I had a sudden idea. A sentence that sounded like it belonged in a poem full of thought, so i'd jot it down and add to it later. I searched for a website where I could post them, and get comments and reviews. popped up and it sounded like fun, so here I am. Please feel free to leave LOTS of comments, good and bad!! I'd love to hear them all and I'm open to any advice! Thank tons :) Enjoy & God Bless<33

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Haha :) well its in the shape of a circle, and it's an innie not an outie>.< I want it pierced!!! Lol soo yupp thats my belly buton :)

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Facebook- Valerie Alexis
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Basketball<3, hanging out w/my friends and Boyfriend<33


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