End of times, fable

It was a warm summer day when it started. Mother Rabbit told her daughter to be careful of the animals of the air, because her friends told her that they were trying to hunt the animals of the land. Little Bunny was confused, and told this to her friend Owl. He was offended, and told this to his friend Sparrow. Soon, since birds can move faster by air, all flying animals knew of the land animals’ accusations.


The Sparrow rushed to the shore, to ask the animals of the water what they thought, but found Deer was already there. He was telling Fish all that his neighbors had told him about the birds’ plan to hunt them all down. “Why do you suddenly think that? We would never do such a thing!” said the Sparrow. “If anyone would like to own the world, it would be you, the land animals! All animals know you’re greedy and vain.”

Fish was a good friend of the Deer, and so he defended him. “If anyone is vain in this land it’s you!” She said to the Sparrow. “You think that you’re so high and mighty only because you can fly! Guess what? Oceans are bigger than skies!” “Oh, is that so?” Asked the sparrow. “Come and see you flying turd maker.”


Other animals passing by heard the discussion and joined in. Sane arguments turned into nonsense, no one heard each other anymore, just their own voices and opinions, and it went on until everyone was yelling angrily. The smaller animals ran to tell the bigger ones about what was going on, and word of the discussion spread like wildfire. Everyone prepared for the inevitable battle against the other animals. Soon, the strongest animals were standing face to face on the shore. And in front of them, in the middle of the soon to be battlefield, there were Shark, Bald Eagle and Bear. Everyone was very afraid of a fight, but fear turned to hatred when they met the other’s eyes, thinking it wasn’t their fault, it was the other’s and they were just defending themselves.


“Here we stand” said  Bear, bellowing above the murmuring crowds “To defend our honor and name as land animals. Any last words?” No one answered. “So be it.”



Needless to say, the war lasted a long time, for wounds turn to fear and fear turns to hatred. Some species didn’t join the fight, but the massacre left them adrift in the sea of chance. The last animal to be seen was a lone, young Owl circling the skies, looking for his land friend.

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