In the month of Ramadan


I hope in this month of ramadan allah guide me to the right direction

To cleanse my poisoned body of the filth of alcohol addiction scream

In order to remember the lord above bow and prey don't delay relate


Whatever pain you have hidden inside fight the evil parasites that destroy

Cry out your deep emotions that hurts you closely and breaks your soul

Your not alone when you reach your boiling point keep cool and breathe


We are lead to sin the devil's powers exist in this dark cold world hateful

It's hard to conform to uplift and perfrom to rise to the occassion change

Wipe your tears face your fears striaght up go ahead speed smile and proceed


Make amends with family and real close friends that listen when you say speak

Enjoy the night don't let the bed bugs bite see the prophet lights see the angels

Take it day by day things will improve and change 4 me to push forward and win


Never have doubts to be down on your luck stand firm and proud walk on the summer breeze

Dance be the center of attention command the crowd be humble never stumble strike a move

I will try my best to confess and be the best than the rest to care, to listen in the month of ramadan




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