Canada Revenue


Try your best 2 stand out from the rest shit gets hard 2 come up give

In debt under struggle 2 pay whats owned 2 the government collect

The pressure to handle business and provide takes a toll on me continue


2 seek the answer i require get denied for being up front straight 2 the point

Because i had a concern that was rejected when i did the right thing still search

Keep your composure when they lie and stress you out 1 mistake can lead 2 disaster


Get the bill in the mail 2 call your bluff if you do not pay we will take action zero balance

Panic that they the bill collectors will sneak move me and get shady and empty my account

Reiceve my statement in the mail open the letter and be relieved that its not much thank god


Follow the instruction written in the letter undertand what u read before you sign away your savings

Its better 2 be safe than have the regret that will having you losing your mind in stress screaming loud

Just see you drip tears in fear when they make threats that makes you worry and thinking i'm innocent


We need what you used from us we will take any messures 2 get whats ours and leave you clueless stupid

It's our job 2 mislead and lie on the spot because we run the show and there is nothing you can do 2 win

Open the envelope we told 2 pay on time but you ignored the inquest that was sent we control canada revenue









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