The Juvenile


He was a bright child with all the opportunities in his hand

His parents raised him right 2 think before you react no reason

He felt the world was against him searching 4 attention declined


He had a hard time concentrating in school when the teachers ignored

He was alone he was bullied he stood his ground 2 never stoop or fall

Just 2 get the recognition he needs for those 2 see that he is not afraid


Met the group of friends that he thought were righteous but devils disguise

Tested 2 be corrupted peered pressured 2 follow the leader do as i say obey

Smoke the herb pop the pill drain the liquor it's are hobby 2 make us crazy


As time flew by he climb the ladder 2 be ruthless 2 be heartless just a savage

Put fear in peoples hearts give me the loot by any means necessary i will eat

Disregard the command pay the price of your life get on the ground guns grawn


Attack without thinking twice i'm not nice cold like ice i've lost it come try me

I see my victim that i want 2 violate that i want 2 annihilate see my face

If you witnessed the murder your on the list 2 die system baby the juvenile





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