I have a confession father god help me escape the cage that i'm in cubicle

I'm lost on what 2 do i don't have a clue god damn it im fucking screwed pissed

I tried my best 2 be the saviour at hand when my efforts of strength is not felt


Hard 2 sleep at night i toss and turn in the dark dim i see evil the real deal gremlin

He attacks he is vicious unpredictable a straight heartless savage he drinks blood

Prey on the weak just 2 make them weep just 2 hear them scream the cry 4 help


Bite marks in my neck and arm he gives me harm i'm terrified pour hot water at him

He won't leave me alone he wants me 2 drain out the liquid that keeps me living alive

So that he can keep a track record of the number of bodies that he dropped with ease


Merciless the most feared that most hated the most domniate rip you into picece nappy

I think no twice if my tummy rumbles with hunger for water fall food i will drain you leak

High calibur a force 2 reckon with i'm above you your beneath me my toy my barbie doll


I appear at close range without notice 2 spook you 2 have you shook spining in random

Just 2 surprise are surprised abracadara magic trick disappear and reappear super speed

Get the hell away from me i will kill you i will eat your flesh chew your skin i'm a nasty dracula





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Have you read Stoker's

Have you read Stoker's novel?  Just askin.