Welcome to Alberta


Walk the streets late at night unpredicable

Hope to reach your destination without delay

Get approached by the clueless junkie high


Beautiful trail hikes connected bridge whyte ave

Proceed with caution get ready get lose take flight

Your objection 4 the night to free your mind wasted


fumble stumble touch down Jasper Ave street fighter Ryu

Guzzle down the liquid poison that relaxs the nerve cells

Get lucky get frisky spit game make sure she remembers


Be happy disregard the haters get in the zone flawless

Why worry when the world is fucked you only live once

I'll do what a wanna do release the gas slippery backside


Make my mark the center on stage i dance the night away

Straight to the point honest and real a true best friend

A place of mysterious wonders to explore welcome to Alberta






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liked this.

liked this.