Board the coach bus to reach your destination

Be cautious and alert eyes open clear attention

Have a seat hope to meet the right person seated


Be nice be friendly music in the ear welcome stranger

Mind your business if you see awkward gestures posture

Nervous to confront the agitated passenger next to you


Polite and honest you are your not the first person we treated lost 

Felt the gut instinct that things will turn out bad but i am afraid

If it's meant to be let it happen i'm oblivious worried and scared


I hope i make it home to see my love ones wishes and prayers to survive

Wish 4 the best joyride journey from across the north final stop winnipeg

Free and happy i get a chance to travel to live my live and have fun rise


Long overdue i'm close to see my parents and friends goosebumps start

Still in the zone unaware staring at the window on the ride terrific views

God be with Tim McLean rest in piss Vince Weiguang greyhound 1170











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