I Am The Entreprenuer

I see the vision this is my profit plan it finish it

Make my way sale the product the consumers purchase

Satisfied with the sale quality at hand never a gimmick


Real nothing fake genuine merchendise i promote and sell

If you see what you like buy it before someone else does

Limited stock always on demand we run out as usual


Hard to the sell the product one on one in the neighborhood

The buyers questions weather your shit is quality or cheap

Tell them try it on if its not real feel the material appreciate


I'm the only honest and squared man that never lies to the customers

Business is business my objective is 4 you to like what you see and decide

Seeing the buyers wearing my gear comfortable tracksuit fashion brand rise


King Boro clothing inc the tread mark i represent unique original on point

Seal the deal my brand to shine excuse the shy rabbits who look lost

I had a dream it came true to be the best sincere humble an entrepreneur






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I am unsure I can pinpoint why but there is something about this write i liked. Maybe it's just the designer in me. 

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