Dysfunctional Family

As a unit seperate in our minds we lack communication

Argue complain show hate that we don't mean later regret

Cuss and fuss fight each other without reason we're selfish


Can't relate to mom because she loves power and control

Dad is nowhere around question his actions he's in denial

Out of focus we are breaking rules do as we please our needs


Set a bad example others see us as clowns entertain a joke

They pretend to like us use us like get rid of the rotten trash

Little sister is all grown she rebels and she is promiscuous


Little brother is alone aware makes moves to get money

My aunts think there still young partying like adolescents

Grandma and grandad are ageing without no one to talk to


Unconcerned of ourselves miserable nothing to look forward

The future to grow is dim constant drama puts us behide

Another day another problem we are a dysfunctional family


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