The aftermath of a hurricane

Unexpected a rare tragedy millions of properties wrecked and damaged

Embrace for impact say your prayers to live help those in distress rescue

Chaos people running in circles shook crying stuck and drowning


Category 5 the strongest hurricane show no mercy and eliminate

Wash down everything on site attack without remorse dominate

Proceed forward vicious rise the water level deliberately elevate


Public service announcement televised addressed seek shelter evacuate

Stay calm help is on the way have no worry listen please cooperate

Traumatized seeing your love ones die in your arms vanished and evaporate


Headline news other countries noticed contribute and provide aid

Understand reunite as humans relate show compassion and overcome

Mother natures wrath happens come together build and improve


Houston texas was hit by mr. Harvey it left the city in catastrophe

Florida, Puerto Rico, and Cuba irma left 2 countries 1 state in disaster

Scared lost on what to do caused by the aftermath of a hurricane




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