Song Attempt #1

The World turns fo fast

we better hold on tight

I don't think we will last

to see the stars tonight

The wold spins around

to keep us all within

to try and touch the ground

is looked at as a sin

The view from here is blurry

this silent, spinning face

everyone is in a hurry

to disappear from this place.

A Superficial surrounding

with rats confined in walls

a big round cheesy founding

will lead you down the halls

Songs and sonnets

comprised of bleeding minds

Sunrise and sunsets

of this world we leave behind.

Tired of the spinning

this world is a revolving machine

a world where no one's winning

where revolutions remain routine.

The seas roar, the stars shine,

the earth still spins, it shows a sign

they'res so much more than yours and mine

theres nature, death and all divine

Songs and Sonnets

comprised of bleeding minds

Sunrise and Sunsets

of this world we leave behind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I found this in my spiral. I've never been able to write a song that sounds like a song, and apperantly this was me trying. I still think it's a better poem, but I was pretty impressed with it reading back, so enjoy.
ps. I don't quite remember what I was talking about, so that part is similar to songs :)

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