“You are our Sunshine, our only Sunshine”

A name, a title, a reference, the summary of you.

Sunshine, specially symbolic and ironic

Is your name for it’s meaning.

We call you Sunshine

A ray of warmth that spreads across the widest ranger

Onto the deepest and most diverse crevasses

Although sometimes obscured by aggressive gray clouds

Your bright light never fails to shine through

Sunshine, unlike rain, brightens almost everyone’s lives with smiles

Sunshine give people color, energy, and creativity

Those who know you best call you Sun

Yet, not so simple is the powerful orb that you symbolize

Sun is a force that gravitates everyone and everything.

A specific center, which everyone benefits from.

Sun is the reason we wake up.

Suns absence is the reason we go to sleep at night.

When Sun’s beauty shines and reflects over the sky,

A new day is born and inspired.

Strong, influential, inspiring, Sun.

Sweet, warm, ubiquitous

you are our sunshine

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for my teacher. Her name is Sunshine. it's kind of a play on words/metaphor.

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