Liebe Amore   Liefde    Amor

What is love? But a four letter word?

What is love? Lust and Like are four letters also.

What Is love? All the pain, agony, patience, pride, anger, aspirations, admiration, and affection… cannot fit into this one little four-letter word.

What is love but a word, small and insufficient to describing a lifetime of feelings?

What is Love? Society shoves it down as marriage between 2 people.

What is love, if not millions of feelings parasailing through pixels of image within a written word?

Love is insanity.

Love is a secret.

Love is the feeling of inclusive dizzying that gently warms each nerve of a human’s body and each organ within their thriving blood by a simple glance of perfection or a simple thought of pride.

What is love? Is it an unachievable paradise that everyone assumes they have enjoyed? Or is it any feeling of pain, agony,  patience, pride, anger, aspiration, admiration or affection that one displays to anything living or nonliving within this beautiful universe.

What is love? A sacrifice for happiness, or a fateful memento whose only purpose is another step on the ladder of life?

Is love this tear upon my cheek, is it possible to love every week?

For Love… many have died. Many more have cried. And few are left untouched.

How can the world revolve around a four-letter word the way the eart revolves around the sun.

Kjوrlighet   爱 Amour El amor

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I despise this poem now, because As many agree I'm sure, the definition of love changes with experiences. But it's kind of cute.

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