One Sky, Two Sky; White Sky, Blue Sky

One Sky, Two Sky; White Sky, Blue Sky
a sky this clear brings tear to my eye.

   Is this ominous blue bowl of creative compounds

smiling at us sourly? or pleading for our protection?

A sky this blue seems to good to be true

Are our egos smiling back at us showing ignorance is bliss?

We wake to find a white sky difficult to miss.

Cold and consuming, reflecting our smog

the dense winter clouds creat carpets of fog.

Grey the next day, this pattern repeats

Causing us to question the sky's defeat.

Are we as safe from the earth as we pretend?

or is the Sky showing us shadows of our end?

The sky erupts in black- chaos spreads as death attacks

Natures mountains have covered us in warnings

the ash falls upon those mourning.

days in darkness are successful in showing

that while we fear the sky, we've stalled in growing.

A royal blue sky brightens the trees,

it shines through the ash, emerging with ease

The sun pears out like an eager little boy

but mocks the people for thier sudden Joy

for sky's don't stay blue on this Mother Earth

they'll change when it's time for our planet's Rebirth.

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