Passionate Sex

Underneath the stars these two lock hearts.
The feeling is mutual. supernatural. logical. romance.
The clear silent hot night takes the two by surprise.
without words the silence between the touching and clutching
electrifying the echoes of the voices from each others hearts.

The ambient music participates in this magical memory.
adding atmospheric background longevity.
without drowning the sounds of heavy breathing and the sounds of intimacy.
breathtaking. the mist covered windows distort the rays of the full moon.
leaving streaks from hands in the fog covered glass from trying to grasp each others touch.

close is never enough. so the struggle to be as one begins.
nothing but fields and stars to witness the butterflies in our stomachs take flight.
leaving kenotic energy as the peak of night fades to early morning.
just the limelight blue twilight over the horizon.
to give us just enough light to make out each others features and motion.

skin crawling sweat trickling as our souls move as one.
the feeling of affection fills our stomachs tho we have hardly eaten.
its too soon to say three words that fill our conscience
biting our tongues because we fear its to soon to let the words out.
still the words slip we cant fight this feeling
as we bite and scratch at each other
because we cannot control how we physically feel towards another
the fear of vulnerability as we break down our walls and build bridges.
as we repair the damages as we manage the comfortable satisfaction we feel between us.

under starlight we strip down.
strip down from our possessions.
our intentions and over processed emotions
to be stripped to just flesh and bone.
revealing all. no secrets. as we grow closer
and the air between us grows thicker
as we lose breath and grow tired.

beauty. compassion. emotion.
leave us now lying in each others arms
comfortable. lush and precious.
these memories are.
praying down the road
nothing will poison our minds and have us forget the spark of love light.

but for now it doesn't matter. for this is:
ours as were in the arms of each other
we feel no voids. no hollow or emptiness.
we need nothing we owe nothing.
we want nothing. for right now.
This is our everything.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the emotions behind passionate sex.

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Were you a fly on the wall? A change, it bodes exceptionally well for you! Whoa! A glass of water please, actually, make that a bucket! ;) great write!

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's love, but not as we know it."