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First and foremost, i've actually been a member for 7 years and 16 weeks, i had to create this new account because i couldnt access my email to get my new password through excite.com. Could not get a response from postpoems to change my email and password so here i am (again) lol. i am transferring my stuff from my other page to this one so some of my dear poets and friends such as Paulette Ruby Boggs, Don Hurth, Glenda, Monkey and so many more...This is me, Stephanie, also known as Peanut from backgammon I'm a pretty laid back person. Very easy to get along with however I am very argumentive in a funny way. I can be a go getter or a waiter, depends on the situation. My family has taught me to accept life and live life happily. Also everything i see, hear or do inspires me! the world is a mystery when your looking on from afar! :) Some of my poems are good.. some are not so good..you take your pick. Not all of these poems are about me so don't bother to think im twisted, some of these are for ppl i know.. I tend to use "I" or "me" in alot of them that are not about me, it makes it easier for the one its intended for to relate to it..

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