Just Maybe

I never thought it would come down to this.

Rethinking what I thought was right.

Unsure about the next step I should take.

Am I doing the right thing?


Sometimes I wish a lightbulb or something would let me know;

If I am going the right path, making the right turns, falling into the right holes.

But life doesn't wok that way.

What lesson am I suppose to learn from this?

I'm confuse but also hurt.

I know I'm not the only onw who feels that way.


I confuse him he said, "you always hold things in you never let me know anything"

But you said you know me better then I know myself. 

Maybe so.

If I am not sure I want to know the answer, I won't ask. 

And sure enough I won't say whats really on my mind.

And that is what be getting me in trouble waters.

Not speaking what needs to be said.


Some say I'm mysterious while other believes i'm just insecure.

What i know is I'm afraid.

Fear of loving someone.


But why do I feel like despite our faults things might have work  out.

But I know myself, I'll find something wrong with you.

Just like I found faults in those before you.

So maybe, that is why it is much easier to just start over.

With someone else, to see what other options I have.


Maybe, just maybe one day.

What we both want might actually happen.

Well, if I let it.


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I love the second to last

I love the second to last stanza! I feel like your whole poem was very relatable though, like I was in your shoes.

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thank you im glad  you feel

thank you im glad  you feel that way. 

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