The Other Me

There's another me in here

and her only purpose is to destroy me

The other me is a parasite

that sucks the soul right out of my body

the will to live from my life

Theres another me that resides here

and she whispers to me

She says

nobody loves me

She says

that I'm a waste of space 

She says

I should do something about my weight

The other me is a puppeteer

and I am the doll

Helpless to her will I move to the beat of her desires

She speaks for me because mine have been taken 

to stop me from screaming

"Yeah, Im okay."

"Im fine, why do you ask?"

"Im just really tired is all."

She smiles while I'm tied up with my insecurities

She invalidates my feelings

and says

"Suck it up. 

They're are people worse off than you."

I know.

She says

everyone would be better off without me

and I believe her

She hands me the power to take my own life

but I don't accept

I don't want to be a burden

The other me has let me die while still breathing

There is no cute for what's inside me

That me is not me

She is stranger who has stole my self value

She has stolen something important

and I may never get it back

There will be no consequences

There will be no punishment waiting for her

because the only person she is real to

is me

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AdamKeithMcElwainPoetry's picture

Well done.

"The other me has let me die while still breathing." Great line, and a very good poem. Keep writing.