Moon Kisses

A guy looks up

to see the sky.

A big round light,

catches his eye.

He sees the moon,

high above the world.

And his mind goes

to a special girl.

In the moon

he sees his love,

the beautiful girl

he calls his dove.

He sees her little

and loves her much.

They share the sky,

the moon and such.

A guy loves a girl

so far away,

looks up to the moon,

with words to say.

He speaks to the moon,

as if to her face,

defying distance,

time and space.

He finishes talking

to the girl he misses.

He then ends with love,

and sends Moon Kisses.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


I wrote this while thinking of a girl i liked... (Moon Kisses is a word i made up to describe the fact that no matter where on earth two people are they can look at the night sky and see the same moon....)

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Brittney Teal's picture

This is beautiful. I love this poem.

Myranda .'s picture

This is really cute...The whole idea of "Moon kisses" is incredibly romantic.

Christine Smith's picture

wow, this is awesome! i'm trying to make a long distance relationship work and this "moon kisses" makes me think...i can be even closer by going outside and looking at by chance what he could be looking at. either way, this is great, good job, i've read all your stuff and liked it all...but this one hits home, way to go. keep it up!!

beautifulgashofcrimson's picture

I like it...=)

rachum's picture

All I have to say is wow. I'm a fan of your writing. This poem is so descriptive and so visual. I love it!