My Hidden Dove

I met a pretty girl

and soon fell in love,

many saw a sinner,

I looked and saw a dove.

This girl to me means...

more than most, amazingly,

she has found something I could not,

deep inside of me.

I found in her a girl,

who'd been hurt by those she'd loved.

How could the people in her life

have wounded such a dove?

This dove has such a smile

I wish would never fade.

I only need to think of it

to brighten up my day.

A wounded bird am I as well.

I do not know what kind.

But these two birds in love,

can now put their pasts behind.

So I'll lean on you and you lean on me,

No more on the floors of our "cages" shall we lie.

We'll travel the uncharted planes of love.

Take my hand and away we'll fly.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


A friend of mine con'ed me into writing some poetry for him to give to his girl... (why I did it I may never know)

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aww that is really sweet, even if you wrote it for someone elses girl. someday they'll thank you for it