House of Horror

Welcome to my House of Horror,

hurry for it ends tomorrow.

Dwendle in the Mummy's lair,

or perhaps you chance the electric chair.

Dracula's a little hungry,

and Frankenstien seems quite lonely.

Wolfman is in no hurry,

they're laughing as they watch you scurry.

You enter of you're own free-will,

but turn and run when blood is spilled.

You may ask what role i play,

I'm a zombie I guess you'd say.

I guess for you life's no more,

We planned your death as you entered the door.

You'll become one of Dracula's minions,

or maybe one of my companions.

No matter what it wont take long.

Don't worry pal, You'll soon belong.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


I have no clue why i wrote this....

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Myranda .'s picture

This one's fun, makes me smile. Good job.

Lady Deception's picture

I love this poem hee hee its my favorite

Baybee Klownette's picture

What can I say??...

Totally awesome poem Matthew!!.. You rock!!
Keep the poems coming! Would like to see more of your work!

Baybee Klownette *^_^*