The Stranger

The room is restless,

there is lots of noise.

Boys flirting with girls,

girls flirting with boys.

A stranger walks in,

the room falls silent.

What has gone wrong?

This man is not violent.

They look him up,

then look him down.

They know for sure,

he's from out-of-town.

From the moment he walks in

he is shunned right away.

No one knows what to do.

No one knows what to say.

He is dressed in a garb

unknown to these men.

They believe he's a demon,

full of nothing but sin.

The stranger is downcast

as he walks to the bar.

The silence is painful,

leaving wounds upon scars.

Everywhere he has gone,

he's not one of the pack.

He is always shunned,

and never comes back.

The bartender stares

as the man takes a seat.

Too silent he stays,

as if sinful to speak.

Does this man deserve,

to be ignored?

No one has spoken

since he opened the door.

Then they all start to whisper

as fear takes hold.

This new man is different,

so they begin to scold.

They tell him he's evil,

he needs to be gone.

The men slowly stand up,

to help him along.

The stranger stands up,

and hurries to leave.

No one asked him his name.

No one cared it was Steve.

Once the stranger is gone

the noise picks back up.

They talk of the danger

of strangers running amuck.

After some time

they begin to debate.

About what they had done,

about this one mans fate.

Was it so wrong

for the stranger to stay?

He wasn't that different

in so many ways.

They start to worry

about what they've done.

Then they set out to search

for the man they have wronged.

They hadn't gone far

before they found the man dead.

He had obviously been mugged,

and some one crushed in his head.

They begin to feel guilt

for the hatred they'd shown.

Then make a pact,

no more men shall be wronged.

This is the world

as i see it these days.

Overburdened are men,

by hatred made slaves.

How hard is it really,

to show someone love?

To make someones day,

with a smile and a hug?

Author's Notes/Comments: 


I think way too much....

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Scott Christian's picture

Holy crap. That was awesome. Keep writing man. This was excellent.

beautifulgashofcrimson's picture

Hey, I really like this poem. It is filled with so much truth. Some people don't see that just by looking at someone weird, or ignoring them is discrimination. I hope they all feel guilty for it at some point in their life. Keep up the good work Matt! *hugs*

rachum's picture

So sad, yet so very true...