My World

As I trudge through this plane

of awful and mundane existance,

I lose intrest in the world,

and put it at a distance.

As the world goes on and on,

with famine, war, and strife,

I give it little notice,

and go on with my life.

As I learn and as I grow,

my mind wanders from importance.

It travels to untold worlds,

with wacky and insane proportions.

As the wacky and insane,

slowly conquer my mind,

I lose track to reality,

Too bad i can't rewind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


once again boredom made a hostile take-over of my brain during class

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rachum's picture

It is crazy how much one can connect with a certain poem. This one just touched me because I have felt the same way at many points in my life. Great writing, keep it up.