Goodbye Girl

As I try to say goodbye

to a dear and close friend.

I look back on relationships

and times I wish would never end.

As I say goodbye again

I know it's not the last,

but it is the hardest one

to put back in my past.

As I think of words to say

I find I'm at a lose.

I'd never thought I'd hear you speak

of goodbyes and adios.

As I recall you once said,

"don't give up but try again,"

I tried too hard I guess

cause now I lose my closest friend.

As I'll miss your smiling face,

shinning eyes, and long "blonde" hair.

I'll also miss your laughter

and you. Cause your not here.

As you return to your wonderous home,

family and friends.

If anything goes wrong out there

I'll be here for you to the end.

As I write and as I call

I know we'll keep in touch.

Damn, I'm gonna miss you girl,

no one can guess how much.

As I finally say goodbye

and come to a closing end.

I just want you to remember

down here, You'll always have a friend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


I wrote this for a girl i liked that was moving back home... (4 states away)

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Stephanie McCormick's picture

you're an amazing writer and I absolutely love this poem.
You have a way with words.

Amanda O'Boyle's picture

I really liked this poem, it was written very well, and is something that is experinced throughout life that sucks!!! Keep writing!!