AS I.....

As I walked on the desolate road

and through the vast graveyard of trees,

I could hear twigs snapping

and the rustling of dead leaves.

As I looked at the aqua sky,

I could see the small white clouds

trying to take over the sea of blue.

Gently coaxing and slowly succeeding.

As I walked through the barren field,

I could see footprints leading off

into the distance as though running,

running away from someone or something.

As I felt the cold breeze

rubbing across my face,

I could hear winter calling out to mother nature

and begining to be heard.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


amazing what you can do two minutes before an assignment are due

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Eva Ashford's picture

wow this poem gave me chills, ( in a good way)
I love the phrasing

Silver Walker's picture

Amazing what a person can do in such sort a time,isn't it. No really, this was good, well at least to me. I think you're a good writer but don't take that heavily cause I'm not one to speak.