Mr. Roger's Hood (back in the day)


There is no class - like

The class of all classes

No school - like

The school of all schools

The school of love

The school of love

is the thread of Unity

With the thread of Unity

we weave the quilt

of neighborhoods

within the quilt of neighborhoods

we find patterns, designs - creation

the touch of motherhood

At the seams of the quilt

we find security in the

double stitching of fatherhood

within this parental guardian-ship

we find the treasures of motherhood

gifts unto fatherhood

the treasures being

brotherhood and sisterhood

Beneath these hoods, drapes...

the adorning cloaks of knowledge

within the cloaks is hidden

the pearls of wisdom

within the pearls

we find the essence

of their value

We find that very light

which gives them

sustenance to retain substance

The class of all classes

The school of all schools

yes -

we find

The school of love

(won't you be my neighbor)

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running_with_rabbits's picture

:) that flowed beautifully!

:) that flowed beautifully! it was almost rythmic! and it made me miss Mr. Rodgers Dress Up! TV now a days just sin't what it was!

Much Love