Joy to the World

Ugonna Wachuku 


Let your soul rise with
joy and gladness in your
passage through life.


Let your heart view
peaceful landscapes
and calm sea shores
of brilliance and
welcoming meadows.


Be free and know that
for you and for me that
storm stopper on the
sea of Galilee brought
joy to the world.


In my heart;
in my soul living
seeds of this joy
to the world abound.


Come with me and
drink from fountains
of this joy even with
those tears in our
eyes from a hurting


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hccgirl04's picture

Hi Ugonna! Great poem. It made me smile. I love reading your work. Yes, the world is hurting, but for those who have faith in the Lord have had their tears dried with His very hands. May God bless you in all you do!
~*~ Jill ~*~

serene's picture

What a promise and joy divine. To see and appreciate the beauty of this world reserved for us. You have such a tranquil way of presenting ideas. ^_^

Mona Omar's picture

what a beautiful poem

Mona Omar's picture

what a beautiful poem

vjochum's picture

Drinking tears of sorrow whether they be someone else's or our own is, the hardest thing to do but, is truly the potion for understanding and compassion which will qualify one as a peacemaker in life's rocky journey.