She Will Be

Ugonna Wachuku  


She will be to you

a new song at the

candid country-side;

a new, refreshing

river by the river

Rhone and river Niger.


She will be to you

a lasting flower

from the garden.


She will be to us

a beauty of the gods

on lush landscapes

at home.


She will be to them

a fertile fountain on

the barren brook-land.

She will be all that

we want her to be.


And to me, she will be

a new morning of strength;

a new dawn of love and

hopeful courage on this

troubling road through



On the road to my

leaning longing

heart's humble home,

she will build my

old world anew.


On the road to

Essertines, she

will be ...  


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jgupta's picture

Faith in hoping yield thus the yeoman ploughs his land! Your poem was a beautiful read.

Mona Omar's picture

she will be a river a song a lasting flower a poem full of beauty

Gwendrina Howe's picture

Dear Ugonna, For me "She will be" is a spirit of faith; an essence of life that replenishes the thirsty soul and allow us to walk through the long darkness into dawn. Your words are eloquently soft and filled with a scenic imagery that gently relates the essence of your theme. Beautifully fluent in sound and meaning, this poem stays with the reader long after the first and second reading. Thank you for the loveliness Wendy