Surprise, surprise! I fucked up again.

My life's headed in a downward spin.

I smoked some weed

And the police got a lead

They went after my ass

Got a hold of my stash

Handcuffed me right there

Trying to give me a scare

I didn't tell them shit

But they still didn't quit

They patted me down

And took me downtown

I've got two citations

And I'll be on probation

My situation really sucks

So with any kind of luck

I'll never again

Have to see those fat fucks.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Septemeber 5, 2004 is when i got arrested...  just basically tells about my experience.

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Ashley Griffin's picture

hey this poem is AWEOSME
i love how u made every last word od the sentance rhyme
its fucking great